OUR HOPES and dreams

WE WANT TO GIVE OUR TIME, ATTENTION, AND LOVE TO OUR CHILDREN. We want them to feel like they are a part of a loving, stable home where no matter what they do, they will be welcomed with open arms. We want to grow our children in the Lord, giving them a firm foundation on God to make it through the tough times in life. We want to nurture them to their full potential, giving them opportunities to try all kinds of things they think they may enjoy. We want them to have a great education so that they can grow up to be healthy, independent adults with opportunities to do what they love. We want to help them experience the world – the fun and the not so fun. We want them to know what it feels like to accomplish something. Most importantly, we want them to know they are loved and they will always have a place to come home to and be accepted.

We’ve overcome struggles in our life, including infertility, but we certainly cannot know what you are going through right now. We want you to know that our kids and family and providing a stable and loving home will always be our top priority. We will enjoy each stage in life with this child, nurturing and loving them each day. Each child is different and we will encourage them to be themselves while learning to love and respect others along the way.